Dr. Lucas Kuster is active as artist-designer-researcher. Lucas’ work combines interests in ambiguities, complexities and ironies in the context of more than human situations. L‘s work is non-disciplinary and allocates itself at the intersection between creative practice, participatory approaches, artistic research and practical philosophy. L is a trained fluxuatic bricolageur holding a doctorate in transformation design & research and being part of The Complicity, Reflektor Neukölln e.V., Genshagener Kreis e.V. and representing STUDIO LK. Besides, Lucas is in the process of setting up a prototypical virtual museum, experimenting with playful observations and aesthetic referencing (wip).
Recent cases
auf fertig gemachten tellern-on ready made plates-sur des assiettes préparées-en platos preparados-em pratos préfabrica dos. Phonetography/Bildband. Aufl. 1. (20 Exemplare). Hrsg.: Kuster/Rösler. 2024.

One Way Or Another Or ... Virtual Reality, Vielfalt, Kultur. Anthologie. Hrsg.: Haverich/Kuster. Div. Autor*innen. transcript Verlag. 2024.

Ready-made Land Art: Beobachtungen durch Zeit, Archive und Zähne. Bildserie/Textbeitrag. SITUATION Magazin für räumliche Fragen. 2023.

Praxisorientierte Designforschung im Kontext gesellschaftlichen Wandels. Dissertation. 2022.