I am a design researcher experimenting at the intersection of transformation design, art & practical philosophy.
At present I am a doctoral candidate at the Europa-Universität Flensburg (GER). My experimental research is guided by practice-led approaches through design and art. It concentrates on exploring theories & praxis of intervening in the political, contradictory and complex realms of societal and ecological challenges. Within this scope my practice strains for transdisciplinary collaboration and critical self-reflection whilst always working process-orientated. Moreover, my research interest lies in further explorations of non moralistic visions of alternative societal systems, in exploring normativity in (scientific) decision making as well as fostering pluralistic perspectives and fair debates in ambigue times.
My research methods vary between projects and are individually adapted and iterated. Continuity can be found in the aesthetics of my research that are expressed in tangible imaginations, critical irritations, immersive heterotopias and fluxus-like undertakings, always colored with a touch of reflective self-doubts and a slice of irony. I am convinced that the epistemology of design and artistic research stands out by their creative, iterative and possibility-opening qualities that offer appropriate involvements within the wickedness of contradictions, ambiguities and uncertainties.
I am a founding member of The Complicity and Get Change Done as well as part of Reflektor Neukölln e.V. and Genshagener Kreis e.V.
Feel warmly invited to send any requests to contact[at]lucaskuster.com. Please consider that this website is under construction!